Friday, September 27, 2013

Why Artistic Nude Portraits Are So Special

Nudes nude nudes. I'm all about nudity at the moment. haha I did my first nude shoot just over a year ago (click here to see that shoot) and I was so worried about where the line between fine art nude & pornography would be drawn. I had little to no experience and no one to discuss it with. I was paranoid I'd ruin my reputation (that didn't even exist yet). I decided to go for it. I felt awkward but did my best to hide it, act casual, focus on her eyes not her boobs, and keep talking. I figured if it all went terribly wrong I could simply hide the photos away in the depths of my laptop for the remainder of eternity. One year later, I've found my comfy spot in the world of photography and I now know exactly how I feel about artistic nudes – I LOVE THEM. I've practiced shooting silhouettes, nearly naked, boudoir, suggested nudity, and full on "hello, this is me in my birthday suit" portraits. Shooting nudes has made me realize how distracting clothes can be when you're really trying to create a photograph that draws attention to a woman's beautiful facial features. My favourite thing about nude portraits is how without the clothing, all of my attention zooms straight to a woman's eyes and somehow, in this vulnerable state, her eyes radiate so much more strength.

Have you ever taken nude portraits?
Have you ever posed for nude portraits?
What was your experience like?
If not, would you ever consider it? Why / why not?
Thank you to my gorgeous model Miss. Rachel Tuttle — you're beautiful as usual! I miss you! :)