Wednesday, September 4, 2013

{My Happiness Project} Intro

Dear Friend,

This month I'm embarking on my very own Happiness Project, inspired by Gretchen Rubin's two books that have rocked my world (and I haven't even finished reading them yet):

1. The Happiness Project
2. Happier at Home

spend a year experimenting with how you live your life
so you can learn how to be happier.
Dedicate each month to an aspect of life,
a theme that will guide your research, studies & practice.
See what happens....

I've decided to come up with my own monthly themes. Rather than sitting down and forcing myself to come up with a list, I'm letting themes pop into my mind organically. I've been observing my behavior, feelings, reactions etc... and each day I seem to discover a new topic that just feels right, something I need to work on. So far this is my list:

1. September — CELEBRATE
2. October — BELONGING
3. November — LOVING
4. December — FUN
5. January — SIMPLICITY

I'm so excited to get going! I feel like I want to tackle all of these topics at once. Patience, patience....
Focus on the task at hand. Celebration.

When I was a little girl my mom took me to ice cream every Wednesday to celebrate 'Hump Day'.
This first month of my project, September, is dedicated to celebrating so I'm going to start celebrating Hump Day again. Maybe not with ice cream since I'm trying really hard to be a heath-nut but I'll find something equally tasty.

Resolution 1: Celebrate Humpday with Brownies

HAPPY Wednesday lovelies :D