Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wedding Photojournalism Inspiration :: Jennifer Wohrle Photography on thePhotoChicks Podcast today!

If you're looking for a hit of #photography #inspiration - especially if you love #photojournalism - Listen to Jennifer Wohrle Photographer on The Photo Chicks podcast today!!!  Woohoo! Such a good interview with this lovely lady. Cheryl and I have both been seeing the world different after chatting with Jennifer Wohrle and getting super excited about composition and capturing 'moments'.

Listen to her interview at

Enjoy the inspiration and sunshine!

Friday, August 1, 2014

THFC Photographer Critiques :: Busy Backgrounds, Cutting Off Toes, & Sun Spots

My wonderful photography friend, Victoria who shoots for the Happy Film Company, loves when I make feedback videos. It's such an awesome way for us to review her work after a shoot without having to set aside a bunch of time to meet up. I can make it and she can watch in our own time. Plus, we can always go back and re-watch in the future and share the videos online so other photographers can benefit too! Hooray the benefits are abounding! haha

In this "THFC Photographer Critiques" video, I drew attention to Victoria's backgrounds, cropping and lighting. In particular, we are searching for simple, clean and not-distracting backgrounds. We are careful to not crop off toes, hands, and other body parts so things don't like amputated or "missing". This is a fine attention to detail but once it's brought to your attention I dare you to try and forget it. Lastly, she was on a beach where the bright sun is a massive challenge. It's also very challenging when it's shining through trees and giving you lots of dabbled light to work with. Oh the challenges of photography. Enjoy!