Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Secret Source for Acres of Tulle Fabric at a Fabulous Price

10 months ago I decided to make my first tutu. My strategy was simple: buy miles of white tulle fabric and stitch it quickly onto a ribbon that can be wrapped around anyone's waist. The fabric store wanted to sell the tulle to me at $2.50 / yard. That's not big bucks.... until you order 50 yards (because you're a crazy photographer that wants to wallpaper her studio with it). The total cost would be $125. Too much. So I stomped home with determination to find a better price on the interweb. After HOURS of online investigation, I hit the jackpot. I've had multiple people ask me where I buy my tulle and because you're such a beautiful person, I'm going to share my hard-earned little secret with you today..... This website caters to brides on a budget which is perfecto for us, right? The specific type I buy is: 

50 Yards
= 59¢ / yard

That's a savings of $95.50!!!!!
So go my friends, snatch up all that world's beautiful tulle, wrap it around the beautiful women of the world, take beautiful pictures and voila tulle-tastic artwork!!!

PS: Thank you Miss. Rachel Tuttle for always letting me wrap you up like a burrito in tulle. On our first shoot you weren't convinced but I know you've since converted to the land of tulle. As always, you're gorgeous my dear!