Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'll Be Missing You

I've been trying to be all tough and keep a brave face, look on the bright side, see the silver lining BUT as my beautiful friend Cheryl Ford said tonight at a wedding we were shooting, 'it won't be the same' and she's totally right. I'm moving to Hawaii and leaving behind many loved ones but in particular Cheryl — my best photography friend. We've come through so much together in just the past year. I am going to miss all-day power work sessions at her house, eating Thai food together while plotting and scheming & having each other's back at weddings & shoots. Thank goodness gracious for the internet and text messages. We're continuing with our awesome photography/business podcast "ThePhotoChicks." How will we record podcasts while being 2650 miles apart? That's our little magical secret.

Anyway, tonight Cheryl & I shot a wedding together and had a super long hug at the end and I felt sad the whole drive home and when I got home and saw Miggy he asked me how my day went and I just burst into tears, mumbled that I'd had to say goodbye to Cheryl and that I didn't want to talk about it and he gave me a big hug that made me cry more but felt nice at the same time. Now I'm lying in my bed writing this blog post, my arms are pinned underneath Cara's tummy — why do cats always sit right on top of your computer? She's clearly givin' me some love too cuz she's got animal love radar that knows when you need a buddy. 

I still can't believe that in 2 days we're moving to Hawaii. Not possible. I feel like I'm just pretending when I tell people about it. Last night I was at a party and a friend of mine said "You're living the dream." Tonight, Cheryl said she was happy that I was "following my dreams." It all feels so surreal. I don't think it will hit me that it's actually happening until I'm sitting on that airplane. So I've been focusing on the bright side — we're off on an adventure, doing something exciting, learning more about photography, earning a regular paycheck, living in the sunshine. But for tonight I'm just going to let myself be sad because I'm really going to miss a lot of people. 

PS: Cheryl you're a rockstar friend & dancer ;) So glad I got to shoot this wedding with you and practice our equally rockstar reception flash lighting. Oh, and your offspring are BRILLIANT dancers - life of the party, seriously — great genetics I suppose ;) See you in Maui next week!!!!

PSS: So much love to our other gorgeous friend, Hanna Mazur who I will miss sooooo much. I'm so glad you were at this wedding today too. I will forever be grateful to Model Mayhem for bringing us together. Love you!