Sunday, September 15, 2013

{Grateful on Sunday} Getting Ready to Move

Happy Sunday my friends :)

I've had a week full of so many wonderful little things. I had like 20 images I could have shared but managed to cut it down to my favourite little moments. So, after much deliberation, today I am grateful for: driving through the valley at sunset,

movie night at grandma's house,

really comfortable red corduroy armchairs,

shoe glue,

Cara, my wee kitten who curls up on the couch at night,

cute houses in Seattle with awesome brick pillars,

beautiful big blue skies,

having the courage to give away 90% of my belongings to free myself from STUFF before our move to Hawaii (in 2 days!!!),

spending time with my dad,

my cute little bug that's been my friend since I was 16,

Cheryl Ford, my best photography friend & her office where so many fun memories and projects have been created!

What are you grateful for this weekend?