Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{My Happiness Project} Treat Everyday Like a Celebration

Food — Clothes — Music — People
Those are the four things that I've found in common with all the major celebrations around the world.
Whatever the holiday, there's always good food (usually a special dish you wait for all year long), fancy costumes or dressing up, seasonal music & special songs, and it's all about being with family, friends and loved ones. If you want to throw a spontaneous party, you will probably think about including all of these elements (or at least most of them) — otherwise, it doesn't feel like a real party, right? So it occurred to me that if we want to turn everyday into a celebration, maybe we should give more thought to incorporating these four "elements of celebration" into our daily lives. 

These four things are already a part of daily life but we don't make a big deal about them until a holiday rolls around. I think we need to look at how we can utilize these everyday things EVERY DAY to boost our mood and help us feel more life celebrating. If these four things are what make big celebrations so special and so much fun, why can't they lift our celebratory spirits the rest of the year 24/7? See below for my ideas on how to break it down....

[Cheryl Ford photographing (a.k.a. celebrating) our GIANT appetizer at Buca di Beppo for my going away dinner w/ Hanna Mazur]


Food that gives you energy so you feel like celebrating — nobody wants to celebrate when they feel like crap. Present your food in a prettier way. Serve it in pretty dishes. Include special treats once a week (like on Hump Day!). Reserve special treats or dishes for different days of the week so you look forward to them.

Put more thought into your outfit— an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself (in a happy celebratory mood) — clothes that make you want to dance because they swish around or feel good on your skin! Incorporate more jewelry, makeup or hair styling. Oh and don't forget about nail polish — a nice manicure does so much for your daily confidence and happy mood. (little things, remember?!)

Surround yourself with music that makes you feel good — music that makes you want to sing and dance and celebrate. Music that creates the 'right' happy mood in your home, car or office (remember, happy can be perky or mellow). Silence can be celebrated too but if you're not celebrating silence, turn up the beats!

Whether you wish you had more people in your life or you wish you had more solitude, make sure that you are getting the type of social life that you need — that makes you feel happy. I'm trying to celebration of my relationships everyday. One day I have tea with a friend, the next day I write a letter, the day after that I hop on Skype, the next day I have dinner with my family etc.... Mix it up but keep it regular. Oh and I'm think that if you're in grave need of a 'me day' (R&R, to sit and read in silence) that's totally ok because you are celebrating that. ;)

Resolution 3: Celebrate Everyday by Intentionally Choosing Your Food, Clothes, Music & People
Happy celebrating & Happy Hump Day!