Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{My Happiness Project} Celebration Success Depends on Planning

On Week One of my Happiness Project, I decided to start celebrating Hump Day again by treating myself to a tasty brownie! But when Wednesday rolled around, I was caught empty handed. No brownies in my lunch box and no brownie mix in the cupboard. The very idea of driving to the store and baking at the last minute made me feel exhausted. So, I forgot about it and totally failed to celebrate my little mid-week holiday. 

On Tuesday of Week Two, I was driving through Redmond, WA passed the Flying Apron Bakery. My quick reflexes turned me into the parking lot and I bought myself a fudge brownie to-go! I controlled myself for 24 hours and on Wednesday afternoon I treated myself to that little piece of chocolatey heaven. Hump-day celebration success! 

On Monday of Week Three, I was busy packing my bags for Hawaii and my very sweet mom offered to bake me something. She offered molasses cookies but again, my quick reflexes kicked in and I shouted, "Brownies, please! And wrap one up so I can take it to Hawaii and eat it on Wednesday!" (Thanks mom!)

On Tuesday of Week Four (yesterday), I thought to myself "Oh dear, tomorrow's Hump Day and I forgot to get my brownie BUT I remember there's a cute cafe on the drive to work where I can stop and buy one. Check! Problem solved!" Cherry on the cake..... I got home from work and found a package in the mailbox from mom — she's sent me a box of Hawaiian tea & Chocolate-covered Macadamia Nuts, for hump day!!!! THANKS again mom!

The moral of the story: PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!
Don't leave your celebration arrangements to the day-of. 
Chances of you following through go down the toilet. 
A little forethought makes all the difference and BOOM, just like that you're celebrating regularly without fail!

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How do you celebrate Hump Day?
Do you have a weekly/monthly tradition?