Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Great Tips for Helping Women Feel Comfortable in Front of the Camera

A few months ago I wrote a blog post and then forgot about it. I found it in the archives tonight.  Better late than never! .... 

I was just photographed... like an hour ago & now I'm happily recovering from the whole experience with jasmine tea & granola. My friend Alena Nieves is starting her boudoir photography business; she needed a model & I needed to experience what it's like to be in front of the camera. OMG sooo much harder than I'd expected. When I'm the photographer behind the camera, I have all my fancy tricks and today I finally appreciate HOW important these little tricks really are.

Here are my little SUPER TIPS!

1) Embrace Your Inner Chatterbox! When I'm taking pictures, I try to talk the whole time — reassuring the woman, coaching her into poses & making subtle adjustments. I want to talk constantly to keep her attention focused on me so it doesn't wander (wandering mind = blank stare instead of super sexy eyes) or worry about how she looks (worried mind = fear & discomfort showing in the face). 

2) Share the Game Plan! I know all about photo shoots and I thought I wouldn't need much direction. Well, the joke's on me as I stood there wondering "what next?" So to all you  photographers: Give your women TOO MUCH INFORMATION.... more information than they need so they know what's happening next. This will make them feel informed = comfortable = happy!

3) Positive Positive Positive Even though you're staring at the back of your camera with frustration & panic. Even though the woman's body looks weird and frumpy. Even though you have no idea what to do next. The women don't need to know that. Keep your poker face and keep working through it. This is NOT to make you look professional, cool, or perfect. This is to keep her relaxed and confident. If she sees you shaking your head at the camera, muttering 'no, that's not good' under your breath, or biting your nails, she's going to instantly blame herself for not being a good enough model. These are your problems to deal with. Keep a brave face on for her during the shoot and then spill your secrets afterwards and laugh about it together.