Thursday, September 26, 2013

My 'DO IT NOW' Workflow + Goofy Gorgeous Lorenna

So... I was browsing through my blog and I was surprised to realize that I haven't been publishing as much of my artwork as I thought. Apparently, I've gone for weeks at a time without sharing any new images! Shocker, and totally not acceptable for someone who calls themselves an artist, wouldn't you agree? This lack of photo sharing is especially problematic now that this BLOG is my online headquarters.

I cast all the stones of blame for this shameful lack of photos onto my unexplainable fear of clicking 'publish.' For some unknown reason, I create a whole bunch of work and then I keep it in the archives, tucked away, never to be shared. I tell myself I should publish it but I never feel like the time is right. I'm always waiting for a big moment, the perfect day, the optimum timing but it either never comes or I realized it's already passed. 

But (good news!!) I have a new system! What I've noticed is that everything works out much better when I keep the ball rolling. Things work super smoothly when I basically do everything right away — I've started taking pictures in the morning, editing them in the afternoon, ordering the prints in the evening and publishing the images on the blog (Facebook, Instagram etc....) the morning. If I'm selling the images then I contact the client directly after editing and I order the prints directly after the sales session. So far it's a splendid system that's stress-free, uber-productive and extremely NOT draining of my precious energy. I thought it would be more work to do everything all at once but it's actually way less work and it frees up my mind because I don't have to add anything to my "to-do later list"! Try it.

Prepare yourself for lots more artwork, comin' atcha!!

This beautiful woman is Lorenna - she's is auntie-like to me. Lorenna is basically a synonym for goofball. She can't resist making funny faces at the camera (I think she rolled her eyes at me a few times too when I asked her to wiggle herself into awkward poses). I somehow convinced her to pose with a bright red hat (ha!) and she's a Hawaii-addict too so I'm hoping I'll get to see her from time to time on the beach! I photographed her back in June with her daughter Angie (you'll see Angie's photos soon too... I promise I'll click publish). 

And a nice big round of applause for Hanna Mazur, my wonderful make-up artist who worked with Lorenna & Angie behind the scenes! She's always a gem :)