Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Change Body Shapes in Photoshop Using the Warp Tool — Dowager's Hump

The dreaded "Dowager's Hump." It's a staple of old age and adds unwanted years to a woman's portrait. It creates a look of "stiff-ness", tension and discomfort — anything but glamourous, right? Work some magic in Photoshop with the warp tool and wazaaam! 90 just became the new 70!

This beautiful woman modeling for us below is Dorothy. She is 92. She collects singing teddy bears, her home is decorated with ornaments saved from her time in India and she has has a fab sense of humor. You can read more about Dorothy's photo shoot here. 

Check out my step-by-step instructions (see images below) on how to change body shapes (like the Dowager's Hump) in Photoshop using the "Warp" Tool.