Friday, September 13, 2013

Switching Online Headquarters from Website to BLOG

For the next two years (at least) I'm going to be working full time for a wonderful photographer in Maui, Hawaii. I'll be shooting weddings & portraits for her on all sorts of gorgeous beaches! (So excited!)

As for my own business, I'm keeping my business license active but since I won't be actively advertising for new clients, I won't really need my website, or rather I should say, I won't really need to be paying for my website, during this time. My website is hosted by the fantabulous SHOWIT which I adore but at $39/month it's not worth it right now. So, although it was painful to click the button, I'm taking my beloved website offline and redirecting all traffic to my wonderful wee blog (right here where you currently are located). (The website officially goes down on Sept 17th - the day we leave for Hawaii.)

For the next couple years, at least, this blog is going to be my online headquarters.
Come here for all information about me, follow my adventure, check up on my artwork, or get in touch.

You'll be the first to know if/when the website returns to the web in the future! ;)
Lots of love!