Monday, September 2, 2013

BIG CRAZY NEWS — We're Moving to Maui!

Alright my friends..... the decision has been made... tickets have been purchased....


Our ONE WAY flight leaves at 10am on Tues Sept 17th 2013!
We arrive at Kahului airport on Maui at 1pm and our Hawaiian life begins!

A couple weeks ago I wrote a horoscope for myself. I felt like all the planets in the universe were colliding directing over my head — churning up all sorts of crazy emotions, realizations and childhood leftovers. Where was all of this coming from? Well, it seems that in the midst of the cosmic chaos, stars were also aligning in my favor. Listen to me, I sound like Professor Trelawney.  But you know that feeling when you're on the right path and everything falls into place as if it's sprinkled with fairy dust? It's just like that. 

We'd been calculating and deliberating for weeks. I'd applied to 10 jobs in Hawaii and California — no luck. I was getting frustrated and antsy - ready to move and waiting on Miggy to take action. Last Thursday, I had tea with my neighbor Heather. We talked for 4 hours about my options and by the end of the conversation I was empowered and knew what I wanted. My mind was clear and I could take a stance for what I wanted. I had to go home and buy tickets to Maui. California would feel like a compromise - what I really want is a tropical adventure. Why Maui? Because Heather said so and anything Heather says is golden plus, it seems like a nice balance between wilderness & civilization and everyone ravs about it. Heather said, "Go home and buy tickets to Maui."

So 5 minutes later I was at my desk looking at flights. Then I opened a tab for craigslist and searched for jobs on Maui. And there it was, right at the top of the page — a perfect job just for me. 

The ad was offering a full time job as a wedding and portrait photographer in Wailuku, Maui. It included shooting, blogging, album design, slideshows, culling (all the fun stuff). Are you kidding me? What an opportunity! This is nuts — I swear I must have the luck of the fairies :D So I applied, heard back within an hour and accepted the job at the end of my Skype interview. Everything just feel into magical place. What an adventure! WE. ARE. SO. EXCITED. 

So that's the big news my friends. We're moving to Hawaii. Obviously, MUCH MORE to come!!