Saturday, September 28, 2013

thePhotoChicks [podcast] :: 10 Quick Tips for Maximizing Your Productivity Every Day

It's another beautiful Saturday, ready for a new podcast episode from thePhotoChicks!! In this episode, 10 Quick Tips for Maximizing Your Productivity Every DayCheryl Ford and I get down and dirty with how much time most of us waste and widdle way without even realizing it. In March 2013, Cheryl wrote a couple blog posts that listed the top ten ways you can take control of your time so you can WORK TO LIVE and free yourself from that pesky LIVE TO WORK cyclone that we're all getting sucked into. 

You can listen to this podcast episode on thePhotoChicks website, iTunes, or right here:

If you'd like to have the tips written down in front of you while listening to the podcast, check out Cheryl's blog posts here:

Items Mentioned in this Episode:
Things You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • How Cheryl Changed Chamonix’s Life!
  • How to prioritize yourself.
  • How your emotions get in your way of being productive.
  • Why social media is your ice cream dessert?
  • What your brain takes 8 minutes to do when you go one Facebook every hour!
Enjoy my friends!

What are your best strategies for maximizing the use of your time?
Which of these 10 tips is your favorite, and why?
Leave your answer in the comments below!