Sunday, September 29, 2013

{Grateful on Sunday} Coping with New-ness

Aloha my friends!

Happy Sunday :) This past week, our second week in Hawaii, was full of new experiences, some of which were uncomfortable and some which just require a little getting used to — but hey, they say you're only growing if you're feeling uncomfortable and confused, right? I hope they say that. It was my first week at my new job as a staff photographer for Karma Hill Photography — it isn't easy transitioning from self-employment back to full-time work for someone else. It isn't easy taking pictures in the bright tropical sunshine (when you're used to shooting in Arctic darkness) and it isn't easy spending the days away from Miggy - my best friend, companion and human comfort blanket. Miggy and I have also been busy hunting for cars, houses and jobs (for him). Hawaii itself is still completely new to us and settling into a new home is always going to be uncomfortable at first, especially for someone who loves to feel comfy and cozy in familiar surroundings. So, to survive through all of this new-ness, I've kept my eyes peeled for things I was feeling grateful for — things that helped me live in the present moment and be thankful for where I am. I think I'm starting to realize that the more one practices gratitude, the more things one finds to be grateful for. So this week I have a long list of Sunday Gratitude......

Today, I am grateful for my first rain storm in Maui

beautiful tropical bouquets (especially the ones that have English roses), 

the funky record store on the corner near my office that sells GIANT Papayas for $1,

arriving home to a handsome husband earning money (a.k.a. reducing our rent) by planting grass,

our first Hawaiian fish tacos - a local staple, 

waking up early every morning to a sunrise over Haleakala Volanco, 

encountering my first wild peacock,  

receiving a box of chocolates from my mom as a gift to help me celebrate Hump Day (yum - I shared a little bit but mostly just ate them all by myself.... in 2 days — they were melting, I had to do something about it lol)

spending an evening with my dearest friend Cheryl (+ Miggy + her husband Sean) in Lahaina and blowing dreams into beautiful little umbrellas,

awesome cloud formations caused by Maui trade winds, 

the trees that I drive underneath on my way to work every morning, 

having a job that requires me to be on the beach at sunset (almost) every night, 

driving home with my hand dancing out the window in the warm wind, 

feeling excited to start shooting/editing again so I can build a Hawaiian portfolio, 

cinnamon scented pinecones,  

living in a place where Safeway sells exotic flowers I've never seen before, 

making it to Costco, just in time (we were THE LAST costumers allowed in the store last night), 

how happy Miggy is when he's playing in the waves,  

looking up at green leaves, 

our brand new car!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a manual and neither Miggy nor I have much experience driving a stick, so we spent all of yesterday cruising around Maui shifting gears. (I only stalled like 50 times - woohoo! I stalled 3 times at one light. Embarrassing.) We zoomed down the road to Hana — the most beautiful part of the island (in my opinion) and I saw my first bamboo forest! AAAAHHHH.....MAZING. I was so afraid of getting into an accident on this windy road or having a driving emergency and not knowing how to handle it in the new car — my adrenaline must have been in hyper-speed because my hands were all shaky and at one point when Miggy was driving I just sat there with my head hanging and cried — I was so scared. Nervous-wreck much? haha I got over that melt down pretty fast though when the radio started playing and I just pretended I was on a jungle themed roller coaster ride at Disneyland. So I guess that means I'm also grateful for my imagination. ;) 

I hope you have a wonderful week finding things that make you smile :D

What are you grateful for today?