Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sales Tips Series Part 1: Start Selling from HELLO

Today, Miggy and I are catching an airplane to Hawaii on a ONE-WAY ticket (crazy heck yes!!!) ... and on an even more exciting note haha I'm starting an 8-part blog series — in fact, it's my first series ever! Every other week for the next 4 months, I'll be sharing some fabulous sales tips that I recently learned from my friend Alex — she's a sales expert and she gave me a two hour lesson on simple ways to massively improve my sales techniques, boost my confidence with customers & increase those profits!!! I couldn't keep this valuable info to myself so I've created bullet points & videos for you! Buckle we go!!!

Don't wait until your clients are holding their checkbook with their eyeballs popping out of their head to tell them your prices or talk about products. Start selling from the moment they send you an email.

  • Attach that price list! Whenever you email them, always include a link to your pricing so it's easy for them to access.
  • Remind your clients to look at the price list! So many clients overlook it. Ask them to refresh their memory about what products are available before the shoot or the sales session.
  • When they arrive in your studio, take a moment to 'introduce them to the products in person. Let them hold them like the beautiful precious babies they are.
  • Ask them if they know what products they'd like. You want to know so you can create images that cater to this vision. 
  • If they don't know what they want, reassure them that you'll take a variety of images. When they see the photos, it will make it easier for them to decide on a product.
  • Remember... you're not pushing a sale, you're helping them buy exactly what they want! This will give you confidence and help them feel relaxed.
  • When you're in that sales session, start by referring back to the products they said they liked. Say, "I know you're interested in a framed print. Let's have a look at the images and see which one will be perfect for that?"

How do you prepare your clients for their sales session?

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