Monday, September 16, 2013

Ian's 21st Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated my brother's 21st birthday. It all started at our local British-themed pub where I overdosed on Root Beer and Ian downed a Seahawks themed mystery beverage. We migrated to an Indian restaurant where the boys competing in 'who can order the spiciest dish.' We gave him a nice watch + cufflinks + a cameral apple + super chocolate cake + a bottle of Fireball Whiskey. Back at home we set the whiskey shots on fire with a blowtorch (ha!) and even grandma threw back a shot! After a spontaneous family photo session in the kitchen we played drinking games for a couple hours. My favorite drinking game was definitely 'Animal Noises' — each person has an animal noise & action and you have to remember everyone else's noises as you go around the circle — grandma got involved at the end (she was a duck — I was a jellyfish — Miggy was an albatross) haha. It was a fabulously fun night with my family - especially before we left for Hawaii!

Happy Birthday Ian! :D