Sunday, September 22, 2013

{Grateful on Sunday} Our First Week in Maui

Hello my friends :DHappy Sunday! Miggy and I have been in Hawaii for nearly 1 week. We've been house hunting, car hunting, Costco shopping, and road trip exploring! This weekend I am grateful for beautiful flowers growing on trees everywhere I look,

turquoise ocean on the north shore,

discovering Julia's banana bread hut ($6 / loaf) in the most idilic tropical mountain village I've ever seen,

sitting on this porch in the cool breeze,

finding a giant avocado in the middle of the street!

reading a book that inspires me,

eating refreshing yogurt & berries for breakfast (and dessert) out on the porch where I get to look at these pretty plants,

the way the waves slide up onto the shore and how the sunset shines like a golden ball of fire at the end of the street,

Costco + armfuls of fresh tropical fruit given to us by an elderly Hawaiian woman from the trees in her garden,

pulling over to the side of the road to eat a mango + the rental car that makes it possible for us to explore,

 whatever is happening in this photo :)

Have a wonderful week and enjoy finding little things to be thankful for!