Monday, September 23, 2013

House Hunting in Maui, Crazy People & Aquatic Adventures

We've been in Hawaii for just about a week and we've been busy critters. We have been to Costco 3 times. We've visited a handful of potential rental houses. We've been to three car dealerships. We've driven around the whole island (almost). We've stopped at a beach everyday to take on the waves and collect more sand that we're storing in our hair — that sand gets everywhere! It's crazy!!!

We're staying in a neighborhood in Kihei (on the south coast of Maui) with a nice man called Rob who is originally from California. He rents out a couple of the rooms in his house on airbnb. We're staying here until mid-October. It's kind of like a family around here — we all sit around together in the evenings on the porch or watching TV. We've got two puppies here — 7 month old Australian Shepards (Zach & Zeek) — they jump up and down all day long with so much playful energy. My favourite part about staying here is the front porch where I eat breakfast. It's surrounded by tropical plants and in the morning it's so breezy and refreshing. Oh, and then there's Mike — our fellow housemate at Rob's house. Mike is a boozy German windsurfer who has lived in Australia for 25 years but migrates every few months to Hawaii and some other island following the ideal windsurfing waves. He's really quite crazy. So living with him is an adventure in itself. ha!

We've been house-hunting around Haiku — a very lush country-like area of the island. We love how fresh it is up there — so hilly and green. Plus the house rentals up there are less expensive. The downfall of this area is that I'd have a longer commute into work and we'd have to drive to the beach. So this weekend, while we were driving through Wailea we started talking about the possibility of looking for rental houses down here on the south coast. It's hotter and muggier down here but it would be cool to have a little more activity, job opportunities, beach life and shorter commutes. 

We've met some crazy interesting people during our house hunting adventures including a sweet Filipino couple who studied chemistry at Iowa State University and now grow tilapia, an overly-frank hippie (for lack of better words) heath-nut dog-sitter, and a disabled medical marijuana dealer in government housing.

On Saturday night, we were at the beach for sunset. I waded around in the water a little but I'm basically terrified of drowning in the ocean so.... I'm working my way into the water slowly. Miggy on the other hand should have been born as a dolphin or something because he can play in the water for hours without stopping. He lays there in the sand letting the waves push him in and pull him out; every now and then he's not looking and a giant pile of water crashes down on his head. Five seconds later he pops up from the deep blue with a giant smile on his face — his hair looks like a wet sheepdog's hair clinging to his forehead and blocking his vision. ha! So while Migs was busy with all that aquatic adventure, I was lying up on the beach towel reading 'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert & enjoying a vain little photo shoot.

Happy Monday friends :D