Sunday, September 30, 2012

Marvelous Monday :: Chocolate

Women love chocolate. Fact. 
That statement didn't apply to me until 2 months ago. Then the lightbulb switched on an BAM...I'm addicted! I want chocolate all day every day. Why is this happening? I have no idea. Google tells me I'm craving chocolate because I'm fatigued & depressed. Fatigued — definitely. Depressed — not so much. My waistline may not be loving this new evolution of my taste-buds but uuuggghhh it's SO Good!

[Photo Credit :: Topped with Cinnamon]
My Kinda Chocolate (You should know in case you plan to give me some ;)
I would say that milk and white have the yummiest instant taste but they grow quite sickly after a couple bites. Dark chocolate has more endurance.

I'm really a wholesome homemade kinda girl. — I'm not satisfied by the delicate little bite-sized pieces of fancy French-artisan swirly chocolate glazed with honey, sprinkled with shaved almonds and topped with a cherry. And I can't seem to enjoy the hefty overly processed almost plastic "chocolate" that comes with hot pink sprinkles and colourful wrappers from gas stations or supermarkets. 

If you want to win me over, I'm talking some good old chocolate bricks wrapped in brown paper with twine. Brownies that ooze with warm goodness as they are pulled fresh out of the oven. Maybe throw in a walnut. Secret-recipe truffles dusted with powered sugar made by a Glaswegian friend. Chocolate filled with so much down-to-earth love it almost feels healthy (even better if it's vegan) — that's the good stuff.

[Photo Credit :: Topped with Cinnamon]
So, if you're in the mood for some baking (or let's face it...eating) this week, here's some inspiration for you!!!

Look at that caramel!! UGH! Yum!

In a Teacup — ahhh! Love it :D

Ahhh allow yourself to enjoy something yummy today! :)