Saturday, September 8, 2012

My New Glamour Studio! :: In the Making

What better place to launch my glamour brand into the world than in the very same room where I spent my childhood dreaming of my future. I dreamt of being a ballerina, I wanted to study at Oxford. I dreamt of being a marine biologist and I thought being a fashion designer was the best idea ever.

It's been 5 years since I moved out of my parent's house and since then, I've somehow managed to earn a university degree in Theology and Biblical Studies and then two months after graduation I started my very own photography business. My first year in business was all about weddings but I've discovered an even greater passion for glamour portraiture. 

I've been practicing and building my folio for a few months and getting this new branch of my photography career started. But what's going to happen now? {drumroll please} I'm setting up my own studio!!!!
My bedroom in my parent's basement is being converted into my very own portrait studio. When I told my mom I was moving home to Seattle she instantly jumped up and down and proceeded to call the builders and knock down the downstairs walls that separated my room, my brother's room and our playroom. Kaboooom....massive room!!!

It's a temporary arrangement until I can build or rent a studio on my own property. When we move out, this space will become my dad's man-cave and be converted into a guest wing. Let's cross that bridge when we come to it though :P So returning to the excitement of this current moment....
I'm returning to my old bedroom; a room so full of my memories; a room that is dear to me; a room that will continue to be my safe-place as I venture out into a new world. 

I've unhooked my ballet shoes from the closet door handle and I'm replacing them with a silky scarves and lacy corsets. The framed postcards of Oxford's skyline are coming down and I'm filling the wall space with beautiful portraits I've taken of women. My desk drawers used to be filled with 2nd grade homework and "You've Adopted a Whale" certificates but they're empty now and I'm ready to refill them with business plans, creativeLIVE notes and invoices. The fashion magazines are staying (obviously) on my bookshelf but they'll have new neighbors — the high school text books are going bye-bye and studio sample albums are coming out.
While I'm in Scotland this month shooting weddings the builders are still busy in the basement studio! Mom has her eagle eyes making sure things go smoothly. The walls are being painted white. The wooden window & doors frames are going white. I believe the floor is going GOLD! I seriously can't wait to see it again when I get back in the first week of October! My mom says she thinks the construction is going to take longer than expected. Perhaps even into mid-November. Hmmmmm.. I'll have to get creative.