Saturday, September 1, 2012

My First Glamour Portraits :: Emma

Emma was my very first glamour girl (apart from Rhiannon) and although my nervous hands were shaking the make-up brushes all over her face (ok it wasn't that bad), she was so sweet. Emma taught me how to put in hair extensions and she already had those fancy "semi-permanent" false eyelashes glued on, which as I'm sure you can imagine, made my life so much easier. I was especially taken with her eyes which were blue with flecks of gold. Gotta love that! Oh and she had freckles! :D I LOVE freckles.

While I curled her hair (including the extensions lol) in my little make-up room (in our St. Andrews house) she told me all about how she wants to work with criminals. She's studying forensic biology and then she's going to join the police force so that one day she can work in prisons and help the world understand what goes on in the minds of criminals. Super cool :D

Can you see the golden flecks in her right eye? :D

It's been a couple months since this first shoot. Emma's portraits are still some of my favourites but I supposed I'm slightly biased because she was my first glamour girl so I guess she'll always have a special little place in my photography heart :D