Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Using Pillows As Reflectors :: Let There Be Light!

It's a classic trick but it never fails to make me happy. Even when I think there's a enough light on my subject, the world always becomes a brighter place (punny! :P) when a reflector get's involved. 

Earlier this month I was photographing Jessica's bridal details in the corner of her suite at The Haycock Hotel. Super bright morning sunshine was pouring in through the window but it wasn't quite reaching the floor space where I'd positioned her tiara on the fancy throw cushion. 

So I grabbed two big white hotel pillows off the bed (anything white would have worked but pillows are super useful since they kinda stand up on their own) and balanced them against the bedside table and wall — and BOOM! Gorgeous white light flooded my scene. It's simple and it's been done a billion times but it still makes me happy. 

Thanks to my wonderful husband/second shooter, Miggy, I have some behind-the-scenes shots for you today! Woop-Woop!!!
[Before (No Pillows) & After (Using White Pillows As Reflectors) — Straight Out of Camera]

It's just incredible how much light is being reflected in that corner from the pillows! Just look at it! The whole corner is practically fluorescent! (I just realised that in these behind-the-scenes photos I was photographing Jessica's vows beside her tiara — that's the piece of paper you see on the cushion.) 
[Before (No Pillows) & After (Using White Pillows As Reflectors) — Straight Out of Camera]
This is my final image of the tiara. Ta-da!! You can really see the light bouncing off the pillow from the right side of the photo. The crystals are really sparkling!
[ Final Image — Shot with Pillow Reflectors & Fine-Tuned in Lightroom ]
May there always be pillows to brighten your day!!! :D