Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review :: Classic Kelly Moore Camera Bag

When I first started shooting I carried my camera gear in a big purse. I could hear the lenses clinking against one another at the bottom of the bag and I was always panicked they would get scratched. I tried protecting them with scarves but I realised I needed a proper camera bag. One problem though... I didn't want to look like a tourist or like Inspector Gadget. So image my delight when I discovered Kelly Moore Bags  — turns out, I wasn't the only girly photographer who wanted to look a little more fabulous. :P Kelly Moore is a photographer from Louisiana who saw a gap in the market and charged ahead with creating her beautiful range of stylish camera bags! She is currently selling 10 different bag designs and this one that I'm showing you today is called the "Classic." 
It took me days to decide which one of her gorgeous camera bags was right for me. I felt like Goldie Locks. One bag would fit all my gear but it would be too heavy to carry. The other bag would fit perfectly on my shoulder but I could only bring one lens. Hmmmm... And then of course I pondered over colour? Play it safe or be funky? Oh the dilemmas I faced. :P
In the end I decided on the "Classic" because it seemed to be that perfect "just right" medium bag that carries enough and doesn't weigh too much. I went with brown because it too would be classic, go with all my outfits and wouldn't be distracting at a wedding. 

I had it delivered to my parents house (they actually bought this bag for me as a birthday present — thanks mom & dad!) and the day it arrived they called me with excitement to tell me how fantastic it was. It looked even better in person than it did on the website! Very well made, lots of storage and soft textures. We think it's going to be the kind of bag that just gets even better with age as the fabrics soften.
At the moment I'm livin' life with vegan principles so I was very happy to hear that my new camera bag is made of faux-leather. Miggy still can't get over how real it looks. Being a colour-lover, I also love that the inside is purple — it's a happy surprise when I open my bag.

How I Use This Bag ::

I usually have 4 compartments inside (you can change the dividers around) and I carry 4 lenses in there on a wedding day. Also, on non-wedding days I remove the dividers and use my Kelly Moore Bag as a computer bag & purse as a run around town. It's also a great overnight bag — holding all my jammies, hair brushes & shoes.

I use the big zip pocket at the back to carry my paperwork. It is really spacious and can be packed full of things. At a wedding that big pocket holds my timelines, shot lists, note cards, train tickets, wallet, Kindle, sunglasses, snack bars and pens.

These pockets are awesome! They have a little button to keep them closed. I use one pocket for my person stuff (lipgloss, chapstick, house keys, hair bands, iPhone etc...) and I use the second pocket for camera accessories (Expodisc, extra batteries, cords etc...)

I don't use these two pockets as much because they are a little bit more fiddly to get my fingers into  and they don't hold as much. Sometimes I'll put my iPhone in them but I mainly use them as a place to store my business cards. 

I love my Kelly Moore Bag. I think I may even buy more. I'd like a bigger one for travelling and a smaller one for smaller shoots. I would choose more adventurous colours for these ones, of course! Perhaps the raspberry pink! :D 

If you're considering purchasing a Kelly Moore Bag, go for it! Shopping for a Kelly Moore Bag is especially easy because Kelly has recorded a intro video (you'll find these videos on her website) for each bag so you can see them in action! 

So far I am one very happy customer :D Thank you Kelly Moore Bag!!