Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Old English Hotel Wedding in Peterborough :: Jessica & Carl

The sun was shining down on us at The Haycock Hotel. It was a quiet Friday morning in the quaint little town of Wansford, England. Windows were thrown open to let the morning breeze blow through and guests were milling around in the courtyard. Laced into her corset, tiara slipped into her hair, a spray of Vera Wang perfume, and a bouquet containing her grandmother's favourite flowers — Jessica was ready to marry the love of her life. On the other side of the hotel, Carl was laughing with his brother, showing his son how to tie a necktie, proudly fastening on his customised wedding cufflinks and of course, throwing back a few sips of whiskey. 
Probably my favourite tiara ever! I just love how it sparkled in the sunshine :)
The Haycock Hotel had it's very own hair and beauty salon which made life very convenient  for photos! Usually I have to run around all over the place  :P It was fantastic and the salon had a beautiful view out over a big leafy tree in the courtyard.
The mens' ties :) Their wedding was so colorful = happy!!
Carl's son Reese was part of the wedding and despite his cheeky little grin that suggests he had all sorts of tricks up his sleeve, he's actually one of the sweetest young gentlemen I've ever met. I must say though, he's a self-proclaimed little poser — he didn't miss a chance to jump in front of my camera with a smirk worthy of David Beckham :P
The hotel was surrounded by beautiful English gardens. Gorgeous trellis-covered walkways and quiet benches beside rose bushes. ahh.....
Jessica & Carl decided to go for an "Almost First Look." Traditionally, the bride & groom don't see each other until the bride is coming up the aisle but, it's becoming more and more popular for couples to do a "First Look." With a 'First Look' they get to share a private moment together (with the photographer - there to capture their first reactions) before the ceremony. We've devised the "Almost First Look" for couples who like the excitement of sharing a private moment together before the ceremony but want also want to keep to tradition. So, Miggy took Carl around the back of a gorgeous stone barn and I led Jessica up the side wall. They stood around the corner from one another for just a moment. They couldn't see each other but they knew their love was just inches away. 
Cheeky, Carl P
Weddings with children are always so much fun and their cuteness can be so distracting from the adults sometimes!! I think it's because the kids aren't afraid of the camera and they wind up pulling the cutest and funniest expressions: :P
The ballroom was ready for the evening celebrations with colourful lanterns suspended from the ceiling, 100+ origami lotuses spread out amongst the tables, hand-sewn favour bags (filled with yummy Shortbread biscuits) and origami hearts were sprinkled along the cake table which was now home to about 10 home-made cakes. Oh, the cakes — they were all I could think about as Miggy and I arrived for Jessica & Carl's Wedding. :P Jessica (with a little bit of help) had spent the week leading up to her wedding scraping bowls, opening oven doors and licking wooden spoons :) Yum! And it was soo worth it. Her Red Velvet creation was my fav (of course, I had to taste test a bit of each one!)
A hint of Rock 'n' Roll was in the air with a Rock 'n' Roll Band, themed table names and funky colours all around. The bright happy colours were a perfect match for Jessica & Carl's personalities and I thought they looked absolutely lovely beside all of the wedding whiteness.
To view more images from Jessica & Carl's wedding, you can watch their slideshow right here!

Jessica & Carl: Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and allowing us to be a part of your wedding. We had a lot of fun and we were blown away with the gorgeous decorations you created. And did I mention that I LOVED your cakes? :) Congratulations again!
(& Miggy)