Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Career Aptitude Tests Really Do Come True!

Do you remember those tests that teachers had you take in junior high that analysed your personality and suggested what field of work you would be best suited for? I think they were meant to help us figure out what classes we wanted to take or something?  I must have taken at least 10 of them hoping that my future career would miraculously appear before me on the last sheet of paper. I also always had my fingers secretly crossed for "Creative Industry" and thankfully, that was always my result.
[C'est moi @ Jessica's & Carl's Wedding This Weekend — Photo Credit Goes to My Handsome Husband Miggy]
"Creative Industry" was my dream genre. It seemed so much more fun than all of the other jobs out there. What kind of "creative" would I be? I had no idea, but I knew I wanted to be some sort of artist. I mean seriously?! What could possibly be cooler than introducing yourself at parties as an artist!?

Why did it seem that of all the career fields, "Creative Industry" was was on the highest pedestal — most desirable and yet furthest from my fingertips? I had too many visions of starving artists and people's voices in my head saying "You'll have to get a real job to pay the bills."

So imagine my little surprise this morning as I was strolling up Princes Street in Edinburgh (off to the tourist shop to purchase some cool local postcards) when it suddenly dawned on me that now I'm a grown up (when did that happen?!) and I actually have a real job...and that job, is in the "Creative Industry"!!!

I still don't really believe it.
I'm really happy :)

What were your career aptitude test results as a kid? Were they accurate or have you ventured off in a completely different direction? :P