Thursday, September 13, 2012

Photographs :: Where We Store Our Memories

The farmer out the window is mowing the grass to prepare for the wedding marquee. The smell of breakfast is wafting through the farmhouse. And happy laughter and cuddles are taking place in the kitchen where Holly's dad is unwrapping his birthday presents. Like all good children, they've taken it upon themselves to encourage their parents into the modern era of hip 'n happenin' technology. For this very special 60th birthday, they've given him a digital camera! 

I've arrived at the farmhouse a few days before Holly & Laurie's wedding so I have a chance to settle in, take some engagement photos, and get to know the wedding party. This birthday gift exchange taking place on my first morning here has reminded me of the significance of what we as photographers do.

The wrapping paper was cast aside, the shiny new camera sat before him and he held up the little SD memory card. "What this?", asked Dad. Holly's brother smiled, pointed at that the card, and replied, "That's where you store your memories, dad."