Saturday, September 1, 2012

My First Glamour Portraits :: Vicki

"So explain to me again the difference between fushion and fission," I asked Vicky as I tried to detangle my stumpy fingers from her vuluptuous hair. I slid her hair off of the curling tongs (a.k.a. curing iron) and fumbled around [frantically — but calm on the surface like a duck] trying to open up a bobby pin (a.k.a curvy grip) to pin up the curl on her head.

Vicki has more hair than I ever though humanly possible (it's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!) So it took 2 hours and every single pin in my possession to curl it all up onto her head. The time was well spent though considering I brushed up a bit on my biochemistry. I got my worst grade ever in 10th grade Pre-IB chemistry but Vicki is specialising in it and hopes to move to Sweden one day and work with nuclear energy. Brains and beauty my friends — it totally does exist!

Vicki's mom came along to watch. Of course I enlisted her immediately as my newest photography assistant and together we had fun blowing her daughter's hair with a warm hair-dryer and splashing sunshine into her smiley face with my styrofoam reflector board. Mom's are so amazing!
This morning I'm photographing my sister-in-law, Carolyn. She's about to move to London so I wanted to nab her for a glamour shoot before she flew away. Her hair is SUPER DUPER long and I can't wait to give her massive bombshell curls & blow it all over the place! 

Tonight we went through her closet to pick out some outfits and we're shooting beside her bedroom window at 8am. Eek that's only 6 hours from now...must stop watching creativeLIVE and go to bed. Go to bed, Chamonix!!!! As for all of you out there, I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!