Friday, September 7, 2012

Sophie's Bachellorette Party

It seems like a billion years ago now that we celebrated Sophie's bachelorette party at a beautiful little beach house on Hood Canal. My camera stayed in my bag most of the weekend because I was busy climbing hills and sinking into a gorgeous yoga session beneath the trees BUT I had to take some photos of course! 
All the girls went swimming on Sunday morning but I decided to stay behind at enjoy the cool shade on the deck. A yoga mat and a business book kept me in fine company :)
This was my morning view.... ahhhhh
And then I decided to wander down to the beach and wiggle my toes in the sand... I'm still loving my bridesmaid themed pedicure! TEAL :D
I can't remember the last time I saw barnacles. They're so cool. These are barnacles, right?
The girls found some clams. None for me thank you very much. I'll stick to my graham crackers and hummus :D They did look pretty cool in the buckets though. 
Oh how delightful it is to actually experience summer. I've been missing it and now I feel replenished. And that solo yoga session I had on the deck lasted 1hr 40mins and it was the best yoga I've done in like 2 years! I love it when I feel like a Zen Master :P