Monday, September 17, 2012

Marvelous Monday :: Inventions

Yesterday I was stuck on a train for 4 hours. We didn't move. Apparently something was wrong with the signals so no trains were traveling north towards Scotland. ALL north-bound trains were asked to reverse back to Carlisle where we all disembarked onto a platform swarming with angry passengers, suitcases rolling over other people's toes, sold-out sandwich stalls and clogged toilets. 

[One - Wheeled Motocycle! ]

They were going to put us on a coach as alternative transport. No one was pleased. Grumbles coming from every direction, women shouting for their children, rude teenage boys swearing as they pushed passed everyone else, old men sighing as their legs began to ache. 

[ Blizzard Face Protector ]

And amongst all of this, there I was with a little smile on my face. My tummy was rumbling and I was so excited to get home to Miggy...BUT I had my Kindle. I knew that I would be absolutely fine in this epic chaos because I was content in my little bubble of fiction. I wasn't going to starve to death — the night before I'd eaten my body weight in wedding cake and I knew my body could survive by simply eating my fat stores.

[ Hair Dryer ]

They were all crammed shoulder to shoulder on a chilly platform but I was on the Yorkshire moors with Mr. Heathcliff and his temper. Even if I managed to reach the final page of Wuthering Heights I had at least 3 other novels on my Kindle that would keep me company should I be forced to spend the night in the crowded train station.

[Guitar Pick Puncher]

Beside me on the train was a lovely old woman who shared her KitKat bar with me (very generous considering that could have been her only food supply for hours :) I looked up from my Kindle from time to time, watching her flipping pages in her book. I wondered what she thought of me and my high-tech literature. I paused my reading to gaze out of the window and wonder at all the developments that have happened even in my own lifetime. I'm in awe of our capacity as humans to imagine, invent and create. Thank you so much to all of you inventors out there who are making life cooler each day!

[ Hoodie Computer Bag ]

And my favourite invention of all........