Monday, September 3, 2012

My First Glamour Portraits :: Sophie

When I first met Sophie, two things caught my eye... 1) She's got gorgeous big eyes and 2) She has a flock of flying birds tattooed on her forearm. I've never seen a tattoo like that before and it really struck me for some reason. I just loved it. She's a law student turned history major; she writes for a street fashion blog called Those Meddling Kids (which means she sometimes stops people passing by on the street and asks to take their photo because she likes what they're wearing, ha!) and she does freelance illustration! 
We were in my little white studio room in our rental house in St. Andrews when I photographed Sophie for a couple hours sometime back in July. The Scottish summer "sunshine" was dribbling in through the sliding glass doors. This was a miracle, people!!! So we started with a lovely elegant little black dress and then half way through our session, we switched things up a little to let her rock n' roll side of her personality shine through. 
In this last image, Sophie laid on the floor on a bedsheet. I'd never photographed anyone from a bird's eye view before so we gave it a shot and it certainly gave us a bit of a dramatic twist :P I think there must be a great art to photographing people on their backs because it wasn't as easy as I'd expected it to be...must practice must practice...