Saturday, September 22, 2012

My LIfe in Books :: Business & Classics

Life's a Pitch: What the World's Best Sales People Can Teach Us All
by Philip Delves Broughton
My first "airport business book!" I found it at 6am in Edinburgh Airport before boarding a 13 hour flight to Seattle. What a great read for a long journey! Every word was easy to digest, useful and dare I say it...gripping because 1) I'm hungry for business knowledge and 2) It was full of stories rather than facts & figures. Stories about real people in small towns around the world who have worked out their own inspiring selling methods.

Self-Made Me

by Geoff Burch
Kinda disappointing & I didn't really like Geoff's manner of speaking/writing. I felt like he was a little arrogant which made it frustrating to read.  A few good points about using your money wisely and why it's nice to be your own boss but I dont really recommend this one.

We, The Drowned
by Carsten Jensen 
The first novel I read on my Kindle!! Such an interesting concept — the book follows 3 generations of sailors from a down in Denmark. You start the book with the first generation and by the end of the book the main characters from the first generation have become a distant & legendary memory. I'm not a big fan of seafaring books but I started reading this one because the book description reminded me of Gulliver's  Travels; full of fantastical travel adventures. A couple chapters in I got bored BUT then I read about the book on Wikipedia. I returned to the book with new enthusiasm because now I understood the deeper messages, symbolism & moral of the story — it's all about the human condition. Interesting.

Wuthering Heights
by Emily Bronte
I never thought I would have the guts to read this one. But I did!!!! Wooohoo! I only went for it because it's on THE BIG READ (Top 100 Books to Read Before I Die) so I had no choice.
Really quite a depressing story and the writing wasn't that exciting but with a heavy dose of Cliff Notes I managed to work my way through it and actually understand what was going on. Glad I can finally check it off my list!