Wednesday, September 26, 2012

St. Salvator's Chapel Wedding :: Louise & Mike

"Is it Revlon?" 
"No, I think it's that car company. You know the's something like...Renew or Renau?"
"Renault! That's the one!"
Louise's bridesmaid's were ready to go; eating warm croissants, wrapped in comfy hotel bathrobes, hair combed back into elegant chignons and now they were passing the morning playing logo-guessing-games on their iPad. The girls had been awake for hours; hair in curlers and make-up brushes lined up at the ready. Meanwhile in the cottage across the garden, Mike (our handsome groom) and his men were  also having a busy morning...sleeping in. 
That's how Louise & Mike's wedding day began — relaxed in the Craigsanquhar Hotel lodges hidden away in the Scottish countryside in the Kingdom of Fife. September, one of Scotland's most beautiful months, was perfect. The fields were green and the wind was breezing in through the double doors, fluttering the fabric of Louise's wedding dress. 
Louise collects charms and Mike had given her this wedding cake charm the night before at their rehearsal. :D
I'll admit I was ever so slightly jealous of these oh so comfy-looking sweatpants that the bridesmaids were wearing that morning. hehe
Louise..did I mention that your dress is GORGEOUS!?
When I walked into the men's lodge they were all in a manly flurry of confusion....HOW DO YOU TIE A CRAVAT?! As I gave Mike a big hug, a groomsmen with a laptop zipped passed me — he was watching a Youtube "How to Tie a Cravat" Video — ha!  Thankfully, mom came to the rescue :P

Oh Sallies Chapel... St. Salvator's Chapel is the official chapel for the University of St. Andrews. Getting married in the chapel is a special privilege reserved for couples who have links to the university. Like many couples (Miggy & Me included — yay!) St. Andrews is a very special place for Louise & Mike. Our little town is a bubble of match-making magic!

To read more about Louise & Mike's love story you can check out their engagement session blog post HERE!
This is such a stunning church! I LOVE all the stained-glass windows — so full of stories. I only visited the chapel a few times whilst I was a student and it never looked so beautiful as it did on the day of Louise & Mike's wedding.  It almost felt like the air was glowing with sunshine.
Oh are beautiful.
Before the ceremony, Louise and her bridesmaids (including her sister Catherine) shared a special moment of prayer outside the chapel. It was so beautiful to see the girls in their little huddle of whispers as passersby stared in through the gates from the street.

Something I love about Mike is his smile. He has so much positive energy. He always seems to light up when he sees you. I was so happy to see him celebrating with his best friends. Mike said that this day was the best day of his life — I could tell :)
Cheese! :P
Something about Louise & Mike's wedding day story just lends itself to being told in Black & White. Their day was also so full of candid-goodness. Everywhere I looked I found funny faces, hugs & kisses and laughter. I think that was just because everyone was so happy.
I had fun with the big group shot! I improvised something I'd never even heard of before...I was so nervous it wasn't going to work! I had EVERYONE get into one MASSIVE LONG LINE! I had to sprint to the other side of the grass to fit everyone into the shot and thankfully when the picture is big (or you zoom in) you can actually make out the faces! Yippeee — success! :D

I love this shot — I can't really tell what Mike is doing but considering that we were in St. Andrews the wind was probably whacking the veil into his face and he was trying to tame it :P
Like I said....wind. :P

Louise & Mike met at the University Ballroom Dancing Society and they've been dancing together ever since. I was so excited to see their first dance. They kept their dance simple and I'm glad because this made it easier to see their smiling faces at they gazed into each other's eyes. They are so happy together and their happiness is contagious. 
Congratulations you two! I'm so happy that I was able to photograph your beautiful wedding and it's super cool that we got to celebrate in our beloved little town of St. Andrews! I can't wait to see you someday in Washington, Colorado or somewhere in between! Lots of love, Chamonix

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