Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My First Glamour Portraits :: Falling in Love with Glamour

In June of this lovely year 2012, I set course down a new fork in the road of my life: Glamour Photography. I'd been shooting weddings for the past year and on a whim I decided to watch a creativeLIVE course on Glamour Photography taught by Sue Bryce. It only took me 20 minutes to realise that Sue Bryce was a big 'in your face' road sign pointing me in a new direction. So I scribbled down every word she said and I embarked on my own glamour photography adventure.

Since that life-changing day I have photographed 27 women. As I look through my work thus far I see mistakes in every image but improvements every time. I feel nervous before every shoot and my tummy freaks out half way through leaving my mind blank and my imagination reaching out desperately through void of my imagination to find the next pose. And yet, as I hug each woman goodbye I don't need to look down at the back of my camera to know that I've captured something that is going to make me very happy; either I'll love the images or I'll love the lessons I learn from them. Every glamour shoot leaves me feeling like I'm floating on a cloud of happiness — just the same way I felt after my very first photo shoot on 6th August 2011.

Today I present to you...portraits of 3 women that I photographed back in July ::

This is Christine. She's training to work with animals. 
She thinks she might like to be a zoo-keeper! So cool.
And this is Lynsay. She works as a carer which I think is absolutely lovely because she spends a lot of her time helping older people, listening to their stories and learning from them. 

And this is Michelle. She surprised me again and again. First I found out that she has twin daughters! And then she told me she has 2 pet snakes!  Of course, my favourite confession was that she loves watching cartoons.
What do you LOVE to photograph / draw / write about / sing about?
Have a be-you-tiful day!