Monday, September 10, 2012

My First Glamour Portraits :: Paulina

Paulina responded to my Gumtree ad (asking women to volunteer to be photographed — I was building my portfolio) with such enthusiasm, I couldn't wait to photographer her. She sent me an email to let me know she'd been "preparing for her shoot" by reading my blog. Of course, I instantly like anyone who reads my blog so I knew this was going to go well ;P

As we did her hair & make-up in my little St. Andrews studio space I got to hear all about Paulina's adventures. Turns out, she's a very cosmopolitan lady. She was born in Poland & grew up in Chicago. She's now studying Arabic at the University of Edinburgh and she's just returned from a year of living in Jordan!

Paulina was the first woman with a multi-cultural American upbringing that I've had the opportunity to photograph and there was something a little different and special about working with her. I felt like we could relate well to one another.

Best of all, Paulina wasn't afraid to pull goofy faces at me — what a brave woman :P
Thanks for being so much fun to photograph Paulina!