Friday, September 14, 2012

Shropshire Farmyard Engagement Session :: Holly & Laurie

"It's so nice to spend some time with you," said Holly to her handsome fiance, Laurie, as they walked hand-in-hand through a beautiful Shropshire forest. "It's been so busy around here I've hardly seen you all week." As they strolled down the peaceful pathway exchanging smiles and jumping over puddles left from yesterday's downpour they discussed some last minute wedding plans (did I mention that they're getting married tomorrow at Ludlow Castle!?)
That simple sentence that Holly spoke reminded me of why I love engagement sessions. Weddings are buzzing with so much energy, to-do lists, craft projects, nerves and social appointments. It makes me so happy to be able to provide my couples with an hour of peace away from it all where they can just enjoy each other's company and remember what is at the heart of their wedding celebration...their love for one another.

Walking down the old train line was a lovely break away from the people-filled farmhouse buzzing with wedding goodness, but when we returned to the farm we discovered an entire yard of fun things to play with and climb on!

Virtual off-roading and a very beautiful ring! Holly's ring may look familiar. Holly sent me a drawing of it back in February. Yes, this is the Holly & Laurie. They were the winners of my Valentines Day 2012 wedding photography competition. They won 1st place for "The Sweetest Engagement Story" and as a prize they're receiving their entire wedding photography package as a gift! Read their amazing engagement story on the BLOG!
Every good farmhouse has lots of props lying around. Holly had the "shield". Laurie had the "sword". En garde!
These two are soo cute. I've been able to watch their wedding plans develop on Facebook updates over the past 6 months but to see it all coming together in person is incredible! This DIY wedding hasn't even begun yet and I'm already blown away with Holly's creativity and the elegant country charm that's gone into every detail.
Cutie alert!!!!
I love Holly's dress! Goes rather nicely with her ring, wouldn't you say? :P
And of course, you can't visit middle England without encountering some good old fashion fluffy sheep! And when you see sheep, sometimes you get this uncontrollable urge to run after them!
And then naturally, once the sheep have run away, there's only one thing left to at each other!!!

The sheep all lined up and stared at us...clearly they were thinking Holly & Laurie's behaviour would be a perfect addition to their favourite list: "101 Reasons Why Human Beings are Strange"
That's it for now! We've got a wedding to celebrate!! So, Bye bye :) We hope you have a fabulous day!