Friday, August 31, 2012

My Life in Books :: The Kindle

I grew up running through the forest and watching 1960's sitcoms on TVLand. Literature wasn't exactly my 'thang' so I was a little surprised when I arrived at university and discovered that most of my new peers (Miggy included) were quite well versed in "the classics" — you know, all those books you're supposed to have read by the time you're 12 or 15 or 20? Books like Alice in WonderlandThe Chronicles of Narnia and The Hobbit. Needless to say, I felt slightly out-of-the-loop when when they slipped their witty references into our conversations. I wanted to sound cool too. Half way through my second year of university I decided to put an end to my ignorant smiling and nodding and actually pick up a book.
I started with Alice in Wonderland and moved on to To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm a big fan of checking things off of lists so it didn't take long before I decided to conquer the biggest list of all... "Top 100 Books to Read Before you Die"! Of course, that wasn't enough of a challenge for me so I'm simultaneously tackling "The Big Read: BBC's Top 100 Books". There are lots of repeats on these two lists (I'm not going to read them twice obviously :P); I just wanted to make sure I was fully covered. 
As you can imagine, books started piling up and when I'd finished one I would search "frantically" through Oxfam bookshops to find my next. What torture was this waiting period in between! Last week my mom FINALLY convinced me to buy a Kindle. Kindle readers really are the best Kindle advertisements. Anyway, I've been Kindle-ing for 2 weeks now and I LOVE IT!

Like everyone I know, I thought I would miss paper books. But I don't. Not at all! I can't believe it.

My Top 5 Favourite Things About My Kindle:
1) It's easy to read in bed — no tossing and turning or sore necks.
2) It's light and fits in my pocket & my purse.
3) I can highlight my favourite quotes and write notes in the 'margins' with the swipe of a finger — no more wobbly underlining and ink on my fingers. 
4) It compiles my favourite quotes & notes into a list — no more flicking through pages trying to find highlighted lines!
5) I can change the size of the font — classic books with tiny font are no longer intimidating or off-putting because I just make the print giant and I feel like I'm breezing through it!

Still not convinced...just give it a chance! Trust me, you'll love it! :D