Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Rhiannon and I had an epic (nearly) 12 hour photo shoot day yesterday. We started with a cup of tea while brainstorming ideas and we ended with a cup of tea while bursting with excitement about what we'd created! Her first idea was "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil." I loved it & I immediately envisaged dark, black & white, grainy, grungy, close-up portraits. We agreed later that our images never turn out the way we expect them to (in a good way though) ha!

We were shooting at Miggy's parent house and the it took us ages to find the good light we...ok ok, that I was looking for — I'm getting very picky about my light these days. Photography is light, people!! Finally, we found the spot – I had Rhiannon stand on the doorstep in the back garden, using the white door as a backdrop and away we went. 

I absolutely love working with Rhiannon. In addition to this series of images we also have four other sets which I'll be publishing this week. At first I thought about publishing all of the images in one very long blog post but then I realised that it's way too easy for everyone including myself to just zoom through to the bottom without stopping to properly look at individual images...thus my decision to leak out the goods slowly! haha That's right, I'm forcing you to appreciate our have no choice :P