Sunday, July 22, 2012

Coffee vs. Tea Photographers

Is it just me or is there a trend floating around the photography industry...all photographer seems to be massive coffee drinkers and not only do they drink their coffee, they seem to have a love affair with it. 
Maybe if we ran some scientific numbers we would conclude that the correlation between photographers & coffee really has much more to do with the fact that photographers are in a trade that demands high-energy while simultaneously nursing a habit of working themselves to the bone. Coffee must be the only solution!

I actually started to buy into that peer pressure, thinking that perhaps I ought to mention my own love for coffee on my "About" page. I could even just hit a home run by cashing in on my childhood memories of growing up near Seattle, the home of Starbucks (Coffee). Well people, I just won't stand for this anymore. I am no longer interested in fitting in with the photography "cool kids" and their double mocha frappachinos with whipped toffee syrups and extra triple shots of expresso on the side. They can keep their fancy mugs and latte machines. I am speaking up today and proudly declaring the truth (as it relates to moi) — Coffee can be yummy, especially in the form of cake, but as for me...

And I'm not talking about "normal" tea, builders brew or English Breakfast tea as American's might refer to it. I'm talking about herbal teas. Oh the varieTEAS make my toes tingle with delight! Yogi tea for wisdom, Pukka tea for pretty colours, TeaPigs for silk pouches!! Green for feeling healthy. Hibiscus for feeling fancy. Ginger for tummy pains. Peppermint for sleepiness.

Perhaps I've just lived in Britain, the home of the Western Tea Ritual (a.k.a. A Cuppa is the Solution to Everything), for too long now. But I do not care because I LOVE TEA!!! It's the first thing I'll ask you when you come in the door...cup of tea, my friend? And you must say 'yes' or else I'll be sad ;(

So here's to all the tea-drinking photographers! We're awesome.