Sunday, July 1, 2012

Go After Your Dreams :: Doooo It.

Good morning world! I'm in Edinburgh this weekend, sitting at my in-law's window watching the travel roll over the cobbled streets and I'm wondering...

is it time to start talking about it and start doing it?

I think so. I'm talking about finally selling things on e-Bay and submitting my work to magazines.
The path of least resistance is my favourite and when it comes to purchasing...I'm online all the way
! But when it comes to selling, I'd rather just drop stuff off at a charity shop. But when a girl needs money perhaps it's worth the e-Bay effort?
I'm specifically thinking of the £100 worth of brooches sitting downstairs in a pot — attempting to be a brooch bouquet, because last summer that was sooo 'in'. I was so optimistic when I made it, thinking that I would be able to sell it on without batting an eyelash. Well, here I am...reduced to selling it for parts.

Regarding the magazine submissions, I've gotten to a point where I am looking at other photographer's work and I can hear this little voice in the back of my head saying "It's not that much better than yours." or "You could totally do that too." Now, whether or not that's true is all a matter of opinion and perhaps requires a bit of professional critique. My point, however, is not about my abilities or even my work, I think it's more about my ambition.

I've left behind that bottom of the heap mentality that made me 'look up' to other photographers who felt like their accomplishments were so out of my reach. I guess I was climbing a mental ladder without reaching it because I do feel like something has shifted inside that makes it okay for me to step onto the field with those big league players. No, I'm not big league and no I don't expect anyone to think I'm amazing and hire me or accept my submissions. The idea of having my images published in a fashion magazine still feels impossible...but I know it isn't.

There was a time when all of those big-shot photographers were sitting at their parents house, staring out a window, wondering if they'd ever have the nerve to send in their photos. I don't really find it scary — I don't think I hesitate because I'm afraid. I think I a little uncertain about how to go about the whole thing and a part of me does feel like the whole task is impossible and therefore not worth the effort.

But that's not who I am. I have to try because in 5th grade I took a personality test and they told me I was an 'ACHIEVER'. I liked the sound of that back then and I still like the sound of it. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the rest of my day now...I have many things to achieve ;)

Lots of love to everyone out there.
Don't be afraid of going after your dreams. That's the only way they'll become a reality!