Monday, July 16, 2012

A Weekend Away in a Vicarage

Noisy cockerel, purring cats, hyper dogs & friends. We've bused it down to Yetholm in the Scottish Borders to spend a weekend with some of our best friends. We've come from all directions to take a break from work and enjoy the glamourously fresh country air.

We arrived late last night in the dark which meant we got to wake up to a surprise. The rooster crowed and the fields were green. A lovely home-laid egg breakfast followed by a hike up the hill (through a poopy cow field) followed by a yummy lunch with vegan brownies! Yummers!

Now surrounded by snoring puppies & purring kitties we're drinking ginger tea & we just finished watching Robin Hood (the newest one).

Would you believe it of I told you I didn't bring my camera!!! Crazy, I know. It's been tough being surrounded by Kodak moments. I've been so linked at the hip with my beautiful Canon 5D Mark 2 recent that functioning purely with my iPhone camera has left me with withdrawal symptoms. Sounds silly - its only been a day hehe

So keeping with the theme of the weekend I shall now put down my phone (that's right, I'm blogging on my phone!!) and enjoy the gin & tonic that I've just been served.

Happy day of rest everybuddy,