Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bits & Bobs + Cartoon Skeletons

Munch munch munch... I'm sitting at my in-law's dining room table, munching away on my muesli and attempting to consume a 2L bottle of water (gotta stay hydrated in this Scottish "sun").
Last night we handed over the keys to our house and finally, after 5 years, said 'goodbye' to our beloved St. Andrews — it's where we met after all, a rather special place :D Our time had definitely come though. I think it will feel amazing to go back and visit it in the future but as for living there full's just to small when you have so many big ideas.

Today I'm expecting Lorraine & Steve's  wedding album to arrive in the post! I'm bouncy with excitement for this because it's the first album I've ordered from Folio Albums (they're eco-tastic)! Fingers crossed. :) While I wait for the postman to ring the doorbell, I'll be chillin' here in front of my big editing screen hanging out with the beautiful Pete & Amy who got married last Friday in Fortingall, Scotland! Woop Woop :D 

In other news...I'm writing my first big long proper business plan that's going to (hopefully) keep life tidy — especially needed since I'm adding a big fat branch to my business called Glamour Portraiture :D At the moment, the plans on the table are suggesting that I'll be shooting 10 weddings a year and shooting portraiture during the remaining 40 weeks (not including 2 weeks for sticking my feet in the sand and sliding down snowy mountains :P). 

Finally, this morning I StumbledUpon these cartoon skeleton drawings by Michael Paulus and I couldn't not share them with you. How funky! I actually find this kind of thing fascinating :P What do you think??