Monday, July 16, 2012

Marvelous Monday :: Take a Break!

We've just walked in the door, returning from a weekend away in the Scottish borders. Proud of myself, I left my camera at home for the weekend, knowing that I needed a break from shutter pressing. I wanted to remember what it was like to just kick back & relax with friends and not obsess over making sure I capture every moment and expression (I'm never that bad, but you get the idea). I'm tied at the hip with my camera and my mind is a broken record going over business ideas, website design, soul searching and ambitious ideas...again and again..and again.

So highlights from my photography-free weekend:

  • I got to pet dogs & hold a kitty cat
  • We watched Robin Hood (the one with Russell Crow & I loved it actually)
  • I tried to explain what glamour photography is to my best friends – interesting challenge 
  • ate DELICIOUS vegan brownies
  • climbed a hill & bravely tromped through a field full of cows + a bull with a nose ring! oh and from the top of the hill we looked to the left and saw Scotland and then looked to the right and saw England (so cool).
  • experienced a real, live, wild 'lock-in' at a local pub (that means the pub closes but you get to stay in and drink after hours)
  • caught cheeky glimpses of Tamara Lackey's creativeLIVE course "Taking Care of Business" (Weekend ReWatch!) (I realise this was a bit of cheat on my photography free weekend but I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms so don't be too harsh on me :P)
So now I'm back & refreshed, ready to get back to work but feeling inspired to use my time more wisely & take better care of myself. So now for the marvellous finds of the week to celebrate the wonderful world of creativity! I hope you all have a lovely week — go out and amaze yourself!!! :D

I love this idea but I'm convinced that I'd mess it up with messy handwriting and smudging. Grrr.... And then I couldn't live with myself. 

Oh my goodness gracious I LOVE this!! If this were in my house I would be so cool :D

Must try... but I'll have to include some sparkles, of course. ;)

Clever :) I'm always fumbling for my keys. 

Funky town!!!

I really don't like Cocoa Cola (I think they're a nasty company) and that brown liquid pretty much rots your teeth, stomach & piles on the pounds BUT they do have a fantastic brand and I love seeing this kind of progress. One day I'd like to have a little timeline of the development of my own business. :D

And the crowning glory of the week!!!!!!!! Drum roll...... For all of you show lovers.....

Happy mid-July! Go be crafty :D