Monday, July 30, 2012

Marvelous Monday :: You're Awesome!!

Why is it that we aren't allowed to say "I'm awesome"? The minute those words leave your lips people think you're conceited, arrogant or vain. We're allowed to say that other people are awesome but in the name of humility we're expected to self-depreciate. I don't suggest we run around telling everyone how  great we are or going anywhere in the direction of saying we're better or the best. I'm simply suggesting that we should be allowed to think or dance around our own homes singing "I'm awesome! I'm awesome! I'm awesome!" to ourselves. 

Bragging about our awesome-ness isn't cool, but allowing yourself to be awesome is really cool. Why do I rant about this "awesomeness" topic this morning?! Because yesterday Rhiannon and I spent nearly 12 hours together shooting & editing images — and we sat in front of the computer together with our jaws dropped in happiness because we LOVED the images we'd created. We thought we were awesome because we were proud of our talent and hard work, that when put together, produced something awesome. In between squeals of excitement, we asked ourselves, 

"It's really good, though I do say so myself. It is really good, isn't it?" 
"I look so sexy!! Can I even say that about myself?"
"I think these could go in a magazine. Should somebody else be the judge of that?"

In the end we decided that provided we didn't rub it in other people's faces, we were totally "allowed" to love what we'd created. After all, isn't that what being an artist is about? Creating something you love, that excites you, that you're proud of, that you want to share with the world??? 

So here's my declaration to the world today...
Let yourself love what you create.

And now because it's Monday, we shall celebrate some things that other people have created that deserve lots of love....

I'm rather speechless. Amazing Body Paintings By Craig Tracy

A colourful wall made from paint swatches!! Yes I love you and want you for myself...
Creative herb gardens always make me happy. I cant wait for the day when I live somewhere long enough that I can grow herbs (and not abandon them or be forced to keep them in a pot)!!!!
Ummm...hello?! A coloured pencil fence. LOVE!

I am so totally 100% Right Brain and that's definitely what the inside of my brain looks like :P

Ha! Why are people so insensitive? Freedom of speech and all but seriously! Remember to play nice on the digital playground people, please! 

Have a fantastic week of your life :D