Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Clean House & Eilidh + Craig {Sneak Peek}

On Monday evening Migs and I trudged through sheets of rain down to West Sands to meet the wonderful Eilidh & Craig and their puppy Mia. The rain just made things more fun in the end :P After we were thoroughly soaked these two crazy kids decided to run into the sea!

Migs and I got home that night, covered in beautiful doggie hair (we loved this — we're so totally craving canine company lol) and dumped the sand out of our shoes....all over the house. We then spent the entirety of yesterday cleaning the house. We're moving out at the end of this month and it has to be presentable for everyone who's coming round to view the place. We played our music sooo loud while we relayed recycling bags across the kitchen and out the window. So much crap ended up on the floor as we emptied cupboards and whipped counters — grossness! It's all gorgeous now though...I might just eat off the floor this evening :P

We're now sitting on the clean couch, in the clean living room, with our feet kicked up on the clean coffee table and eating porridge out of clean bowls :D Love it. Nothin' like cleanliness to inspire my creativity! While I sit here editing photos (one of my favourite parts of life :P) Migs is winning a game  of solitaire on his phone :P 

Happy 4th of July America :P No fireworks here tonight. Just a very sparkly house :D
Let's celebrate with a sneak peek shall we?! Here's Eilidh & Craig gettin' their goof on..... 
Stayed tuned for cute photos of Mia the wonder dog!!!!!!!