Friday, July 20, 2012

Magical Horses in the Scottish Highlands

What better way to prepare for Pete & Amy's wedding (which is happening TODAY! in Fortingall, Scotland!) than to learn everything there is to know about cows?! I travelled out into the beautiful Highland valleys last night for a sleep over at Craig & Eilidh's house — that's right they'll be at the wedding too because Eilidh & Pete have been friends since they were wee — and they gave me a fun tour of Craig's farm. I'm feeling absolutely fascinated now by cows & sheep. :P
 I was introduced to Eilidh's favourite cow, Eliza. She's called Eliza Doolittle because she does very little! Haha love it :P Her tongue was like sandpaper and it was so sweet watching Eilidh cuddle with her — they've been friends since Eliza was a baby.
After saying goodbye to the cows we drove up into the hills to see the ponies. I was expecting to see normal horses — the type I've seen a million times before. But boy was I wrong. These horses were magical....

We got out of the car and I looked around I couldn't see any horses. Then from somewhere behind me I heard horses hooves galloping. I turned around there he was...a real live stallion with a mane like Fabio. He knew he was hot stuff. My jaw dropped to the floor — I've never seen anything like it. I was a little apprensive at first — was he safe to be around? He was a stallion with his ladies in the wilderness after alls. Turns out he was friendly enough and it was all good because he let me stare at him.
This stunning lady has a baby horse in her belly and again ... check out her hair! I'm jealous.
I can't help but think of Lord of the Rings horses galloping across the river. Check out Miss. Pretty Lady's big baby belly... It's massive :) She's ready to deliver any day — so exciting :D
 Everybody wants a bite to eat...
Mane love :D
And there was a baby :)
Leaps of joy :D
And of remember Mia. :D
Happy wedding day Amy & Pete! It's going to be magical :D