Monday, July 9, 2012

Rainy & Playful West Sands Engagement :: Eilidh & Craig

Miggy stared at me through the sheets of rain as we trudged our way to West Sands Beach in St. Andrews. "Would you ever consider cancelling an engagement session on account of bad weather," he asked me. "Only if the client requested it," I replied. "Otherwise, I'm up for the crazy weather — it makes for great photos — just imagine the birds-eye view I could snap from a tornado! (just kidding). We ran into our photographic victims, Eilidh & Craig on the blustery St. Andrews beach, mascara running and dog hair stuck to our fingers after introducing ourselves to their beautiful puppy, Mia! Craig's a farmer & Eilidh rides (and photographs!) horses so none of us were phased by the rain (let's face it...I'm from Seattle and the other 4 were from Scotland — all 5 of us were born with rain in our veins. lol). 
Meet Mia! Cuteness. She works on the farm with Craig herding the sheep!  She was non-stop energy and she had this awesome stare — I totally understand why the sheep would do what she tells them's intense.  lol 
Here we go again .... playtime with Chamonix.   I had them running, playing hop-scotch,  drawing hearts in the sand, piggy-back rides,  spelling their names with their bodies and  crawling around like crabs. 
I get to make people feel silly all day :P That's way I'm a photographer! Just kidding (kinda lol) but I seriously do love encouraging the playful sides out of my couples and watching them tease each other and laughing together as they act like big kids again. Eilidh & Craig didn't need much encouragement. They were up for a laugh which made the whole thing so much more fun!
 Then off come the boots.....
Into the deep!!!! 
Craig runs in Highland Games so it was cool to see him sprint out into the sea...Mia at his heels :)

Of course, like every good fiance, Craig picked his lady up and carried her out into the water, undeterred by flailing limbs and squeals. :P

They let the cat out of the bag when they told me that Craig's mom teaches Highland dancing. Well...there was only one thing to be done...and it had to be done. Dance my pretties! hehe Again...they loved it lol (I'm probably scaring away future clients right now lol)
We finished off our evening adventures at the famous St. Andrews gazebo. It has a gorgeous red roof that contrasts/compliments the bright green grass so well but today we're admiring it (and everything else obviously lol) in B&W because I just love the detailed designs around the top...oh and that really adorable little family in the middle ;)
If you'd like to see more of Eilidh & Craig's engagement session (in colour!) check out their slideshow below! Like the music? It's called Neon Eyes by Saints of Valory. 

Congratulations Eilidh & Craig! 
Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks at Amy & Pete's wedding (Eeek! exciting!)