Thursday, July 12, 2012

Indulgence & Sparkly Nails!

I've just finished an entire jar of "Speculoos" all by myself....that's 7,158 calories all for moi. Not in one go, thank goodness (I do have some self-control). I spread my indulgence out over a few weeks. If you have never heard of Speculoos it's the spread version of gingerbread cookies basically — I eat it off a spoon :D I think I can hear my mother groaning with disgust right now lol

So other than stuffing my face with sweetness I've also been venturing more into the wonderful world of make-up & allowing myself a few indulgences here and there. For example, sparkly nail varnish!!!!

For truly fabulous sparkly nails you've got to layer!! Start with a solid colour and then put the sparkles on top. This week I've been rockin' the silver sparkles so I apply 2 coats of solid silver polish and follow that up with 2 coats of silver sparkles. If you put the sparkly polish on without a solid colour underneath then your nails don't have that sparkly metallic silver look — they'll just look like you have some random sparkles floating around on them. Kinda underwhelming.

I learned this little trick back in March when my mom treated me to a manicure the day before I shot my first wedding (Melissa & Erik's Woodinville Wedding). The sweet little Asian lady (Why are all of the nail salons run by Asian families?! I don't get it lol) ran back and forth with nail polish, presenting them to me and sampling them on my fingers — I was being picky. Finally I decided on gold. Then I requested the sparkles!

I kept asking for more & more sparkles but she warned me that you shouldn't apply more than 2 sparkly layers because it'll be too goopy and won't dry properly. So keep that in mind ladies — resist that deliciously sparkly 3rd layer! You don't need it! :P And remember...when you dine with the devil, use a big spoon! If you're going to indulge this week — make sure you're doing it in style! Go big or go home!