Friday, July 27, 2012

Rhiannon My Muse & The Pursuit of Happiness

Okay okay, I'll admit it...Rhiannon is my super-muse. I just love photographing her face; the way her nose turns up slightly at the end and her forehead swoops softly to her eyebrow. It has to be said...the girl's got gorgeous bone structure. I've always grumbled when I hear people compliment bone structure because I can't help but can you tell? I'm much more distracted by the hair I think. :P It's a different story though when I've got my camera — it's so much easier to see the "good bone structure" when you're finally allowed to stare at someone for an hour straight.
Rhi and I have done 4 shoots together now and these images were the first ones taken at our Rock 'n' Roll themed shoot. She had a bunch of black clothes with studs, Rolling Stones Tongues and sexy lace. We gave her big bombshell curls that got dangerously close to 1980's glam & then we sat in the window pretending she was getting her portrait taken for Vogue — "Rockstar Glamour ::The Private Life of Rhia" or something equally awesome. Her "army" boots definitely added to our goofy little story.
We're arranged to do another shoot on Sunday! I'm so excited. Apart from Amy & Pete's wedding last Friday and a few random shots of my life, I haven't seriously been behind my camera in a week and I'm already feeling the withdrawal symptoms. 

When I was only shooting weddings I was used to waiting a few weeks in between shoots but having just emerged from a stint of 2 shoots each day, every day for a couple weeks, I'm feeling like 1 week is waaay too long to be away from the whole creation process. 

I've been working on updating my brand/website/blog (can you tell? lol) these past couples day — a new look for my new portraiture venture — but designing really isn't my forte. Photoshoping logos, typography & layouts just don't come naturally to me and they suck out my energy so by the end of the day I feel all shrivelled inside. 

I can't wait to be behind my camera and see a face staring back at me. After a shoot I'm exhausted but full of energy and happiness. It's simply not healthy for me be away from my shutter button for this long. Mission: "remedy this situation" is in affect, immediately.

So my pretties... (I think for the rest of eternity that will be a creepy expression thanks to the Wicked Witch of the West), go forth & find what fills you with energy and outsource whatever drains your energy! It's so important for your long term happiness :D And according to the fab Dalai Lama — life is all about pursuing happiness. On you go...get off the computer...go find your happiness. :D