Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spend Time with Loved Ones :: JMW

Have you ever had that itchy feeling that makes you want to swallow your own throat and claw your eyeballs out? Welcome to my world this week! I've had the nastiest attack of hayfever every single day and it's starting to drive me nuts. I keep drinking tea as if that will help and everyone keeps telling me to get anti-histamines. I think it may be time to take action on that. Sniff...

One of our James'es (all of our guy friends are called James ha!) visited us this week. He rode the bus ALL the way up from London to spend just 2 days in our company — we're so touched :D Like always, James is a barrel of laughs with his constant impressions, non-stop jokes and endless silly faces.  Just what I needed to take my mind off of work for a while and let all my creative pathways reform!

Ahhh...Lade Braes. It's a beautiful forested path beside a rushing river (where herons can often be spotted) that connects our house to St. Andrews town centre. It has been a joy walking through it each day for the past year. I shall miss it but don't despair because the beautiful Pacific Northwest will be taking care of all my nature needs :D
We're BIG charity shop fans and we search through EVERYTHING! Good thing too because look what we found!??!
 Right here in little St. Andrews 6,000 miles away from home we find not one, not two but THREE hats from Seattle! We debated over which one to buy (all 3 would be slightly obsessive we thought). In the end, Migs went for the Tacoma Rainers Baseball Club. I voted for the Washington hat because it was more all encompassing but he really liked the specific-ness that could only be understood by locals :P
 Chocolate Shooooes!!!!!!!!!

A 5kg chocolate bar!! I've died and gone to heaven!!!!!!! I was drooling on the counter while James purchased the Fisher & Donaldson fudge donut that he'd been dreaming about since London.

James is still unconvinced about this baseball cap....

Thank you Mr. James for the weekend of tea (lots of tea), yoga, Dawn French impressions, jokes, making Miggy laugh, failed Welsh accent lessons and bus travel. We love you JMW!
Atttention everyone....go spend time with the people you love. NOW!